Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Korean Dramas.....

I just finish watching a Korean Series "You're Beautiful- ANJell".... At 1st i was quite reluctant to watch it... but then, after having watched some snippets of the drama... i ended up watching the whole series in three days... Sze mei said, i consider slow adi lor.... hmm... and i'm like, 3 days seems the fastest for me... like that can slowing enjoy looking at d Korean hotties... haha... Its enough said, those bunch are good looking lor.... Worth watching... quality good-lookingness... Comparing the lead actor and the supporting one... i'd prefer the supporting one.... hehe... Anyhow, the storyline was kinda catchy.. unlike the others.. but somehow, i felt that the plot seems like a repetition from other korean dramas... Its like there will be a spoiled, ill-tempered, egoistic, kiasu guy who would be the main character, then there will be one that is a pure gentleman not to mention a helpless romantic who in the process is the bestfriend and then a bubbly one which is like the "kimchi" of the show... the girl who is the leading actress will be soft, cute, the target to be bullied and will always fall in love with the main actor who then plays to always bully her and treat her like crap... Then the pure gentleman in the show will never get the girl... its like he's just chasing a ghost and at the end of the show, he will just be so "wai tai" to let the "best friend" get the girl.... Oh...oh... not forgetting, the villainette of the show will be a super bitchy and equally spoilt brat who will fight with the main actress for her love.... awww... kesian kan?? Not to mention, the storyline will be at some part of the show, the conflicts are because of family background or not a sad and tragic past that either parties cant forget... but then at the end of it, love conquers all.. and happily ever after..... wa wa wa~~~!! There are some good points in watching this though.. 1st it potrays the different kinds of personalities p eople in this world.... both genders included... but then, it also creates an illusion, fantasy.... something that only exist in novels or best still anime... haha... Honestly, i think they potray most of it like how a comic artist would in a comic script or anime.... Over the past 3 days, i got really sucked into this...haha.... seriously, its like all of a sudden u find yourself looking for everything that is related to the drama series.. from soundtracks to biodatas to videos... I have to admit that the soundtrack for most of the series are good stuff.. although some can be a bit of a repetition but then, it has its own trademarks... In a way, korean drama's are short and they have a complete story in about 25 episodes?? best part is they dont have continuations like the english ones, you know like season 1 then season 2.... its kinda sucky when it gets to the subsequent seasons... the plot totally gets messed up... example, like HEROES or SUPERNATURAL..... geez... sad lar... it was nice to watch then it started getting all complicated.... sometimes sticking to the simple and relevant would be good...


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